Vendor Management

Single Source of Information for all your Vendor Contacts

As you use TalentHire, you create and manage all your vendor information in one place. You can also group similar vendors together to decrease time and increase efficiency allowing for better management and email communication with all your vendors.

  • One point stop for all your vendor information
  • Create multiple vendor groups for convenience
  • Share vendor or vendor group information with others
  • Route bulk emails to all your vendors directly from TalentHire
  • Keep track of all email activities from TalentHire to vendors
Client Management

Single Source of Information for your Client Contacts

Like 'Vendor Management' you can create and manage all information pertaining to your clients directly on Talenthire. You may also create a standard template of a 'Job Posting' for a recurring vacancy from a particular client thereby effectively saving on time and resources consumed during the process.

  • One point stop for your client information
  • Create multiple points of contact for a client
  • Set the list of requirements as per specific clients
  • Monitor all the submissions made to a client
  • Create standard templates for recurring vacancies
Mobile Partners and Clients

Have all your Vendor and Client Information on Hand

Wherever you go, have all the essential information on you. Pull up the records and contact information of any vendor or client with a few swipes. CEIPAL's TalentHire has dedicated apps developed for both Android and IOS platforms.

  • Bring up any desired contact details with a touch
  • Share and collaborate details with your colleagues
  • Monitor and track any activity relating to vendors and clients
  • Access through various devices as per choice
  • Multi layered security to prevent misuse

TalentHire is available for these platforms